Herd-based ~ Natural Horsemanship ~ Energy Medicine ~ End of Life Care


At Spirit of Equus Rescue and Sanctuary, we are dedicated to saving and facilitating healing for horses in crisis through the power of equine communication and energy medicine.

Our Mission Statement

These are our guiding principles and our promise to each horse in our sanctuary.

Thou shalt fly without wings and be held in awe
Thou shalt live in your moment and be respected
Thou shalt speak your language and be heard
Thou shalt commune with your own kind and never be alone
Thou shalt graze on verdant pastures and never be hungry
Thou shalt be comforted in your pain, healed in your sickness, and in your own time, released from your distress.
Thou shalt die with dignity in the presence of love and be returned to Mother earth. 

Copyright Institute of the Southwest, 2002.

"Your hand has the power to hurt me or to heal me. Look into my eyes to the heart of my soul and choose to heal me."         

Margrit Coates


Rescued Horses


Energy Readings/ Holistic Healings


Communication Sessions

Modality Integration

We are great believers in holistic healing. In lieu of or complementary to allopathic veterinary care, energy medicine and communication have been remarkable additions to our approach to healing. Together these two modalities provide us with a nearly complete picture of the horse's condition.

In addition to equine massage and acupressure, the Avazzia biofeedback mechanism and cold laser treatments, and herbal supplements, we employ the HT System via laptop. This computer program enables us to deliver the energetic signatures of unlimited nutrients and other healing elements anywhere, anytime. This modality is especially helpful when dealing with wild horses, horses in pain, the horse that won't eat or doesn't want to be touched. 

Herd As Healer ~ Herd Dynamics

We utilize the herd as healer approach to working with the emotional baggage of rescued horses.  In addition, personal attention to the moods and idiosyncracies of the horse allow us to help affect behavioral change if needed.  These methods are supported by diet, herbal and mineral supplements, and energy medicine. 

Inter-Species Communication

Each soul has an incarnational plan. As animal communicators we do our best to understand and support that plan through telepathic sessions with the horse. Each horse has work to accomplish or something to learn while they are here. In addition, when they approach the end of their physical life, we are present to support that part of the journey, ease their pain, their worries, and facilitate their transition. 

Our director offers basic equine communication sessions by appointment via email. ​To book a session contact her at: spiritofequus@outlook.com


Equine Welfare Advocacy


We advocate for any legislation that prohibits the transportation of horses across state lines into the slaughter pipeline.  We are opposed to horse slaughter for any reason, under any circumstance. 


 We advocate for the closure of all PMU farms. We oppose the PMU industry on the grounds it is inhumane in its treatment of mares and disposal of foals. It appears this industry has moved much of its production to China.  Pregnant Mare Urine is used by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the production of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. 


We advocate for the reform of the racing industry: changes in training protocols, medication protocols, track safety/racing surfaces, the use of the crop, stiffer penalties for violations, breeding for bone strength, recovery time on the farm, second career/aftercare, nationally standardized protocols, anti-slaughter protections post career.  


We advocate for the protection of wild horses on the open range, and any legislation that will prevent them from entering the slaughter pipeline. We support other rescues and advocacy organizations that work to keep them on the range, rescue the injured, relocate intact bands, preserve families and engage in PZP fertility control to maintain populations.

​We support the Virginia Range management team in Northern Nevada and Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue for their tireless efforts.




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Our publications and monographs on equine communication are also still available and may be viewed and ordered at: 


​We thank you for supporting the health and well-being of our sanctuary residents. ​

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